The Swan Princess Soundtrack CD

The Swan Princess Soundtrack CD

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The movie soundtrack of the 1994, animated classic, The Swan Princess, featuring "Far Longer Than Forever" performed by Regina Bell.

Tracks include:

1. Prologue
2. This is My Idea
3. Rothbart Attacks King William
4. Practice, Practice, Practice
5. The Enchanted Castle
6. Far Longer Than Forever
7. Jean-Bob Theme
8. No Fear
9. It's Not What it Seems
10. Derek Finds Odette
11. No More Mr. Nice Guy
12. Princesses On Parade
13. Gator-Aid
14. Odette Flies/Derek Gallops
15. End Credits
16. Eternity

Produced by Sony and Nest Entertainment. Original score by Lex de Azevedo, lyrics by David Zippel.

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